The PC Gaming Show 2020: These are the new games PC enthusiasts need to see

And we’re back for the second part of today’s fake-E3 doubleheader. We covered our favorite announcements from the Guerrilla Collective showcase this morning, but now it’s time for one of our favorite annual traditions: The PC Gaming Show. It’s the show that’s made…for us.

Transitioning seamlessly between big-budget and indie, between mass appeal and niche, the PC Gaming Show always has the best breadth of any E3 showcase, even in a year where E3 doesn’t exist. We’ve rounded up all the best trailers below, including Torchlight 3, Evil Genius 2, the Mafia remake, Mortal Shell, and a whole lot more.


What better way to start the PC Gaming Show than with Valheim, a game that looks equal parts entertaining and janky. Survival game, crafting game, some weirdly low-res textures, stilted movement, huge monsters and some sort-of…wheelbarrow you guide around? Valheim is everything I love about this show.


We’ve been waiting for Ooblets for years now, but hey, it’s finally (almost) here. Ooblets still looks cute as heck, and I’m excited to pat some little goops on the head, to listen to some cute tunes and build a lil’ farm and enjoy being outside and—wait, can you tell I’ve run out of Animal Crossing to play?

Torchlight 3

You want more Torchlight? You’re getting more Torchlight. I feel like that’s not quite as exciting as it was when the first (or even the second) Torchlight debuted, when Diablo-style action-RPGs seemed all-but-dead. That said, Torchlight’s never let me down, and I’m down to click-click-click on a bunch more enemies—especially now that they scrapped the free-to-play model they started development with. Best of all? It’s available in Early Access right now. Yeah, one of those announcements.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

It’s taken six years, but Elite: Dangerous finally allows you to get out of those boring ol’ spaceships and use the most exciting mode of transportation: Your own human legs. Please, please, hold your applause. Jokes aside, it’s been interesting to see Elite: Dangerous develop alongside Star Citizen. The former is rapidly catching up to the latter’s vision, only as a live service game instead of a project shrouded in mystery. I don’t know if either path is necessarily “better,” but I’m looking forward to walking around some of Elite’s planets next year.

Persona 4 Golden

Another “It’s available now!” game, though this one leaked beforehand. Persona 4 was first released on the PlayStation 2, and the Golden update on the PlayStation Vita. That’s made it difficult to (legally) play for a while now, so I’m happy to see Persona 4 Golden make its way over to Steam. Not sure I have the time to play it, but it’s cool nevertheless.

In Sound Mind

“The studio that brought you Nightmare House 2” sure is an ominous way to open—and indeed, this trailer is full of spooky eyes and spooky mannequins and spooky meat lockers and all the ol’ spooky standbys. There’s a demo on Steam right now, which seems like a good way to get acquainted.

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