Future Games Show finishes off a big not-E3 day with more must-watch game reveals

Wait, did I say doubleheader earlier? Apparently there’s a third fake-E3 show today. I know, it’s hard to keep track of them all. The PC Gaming Show is our personal favorite, given its relevance to our platform of choice, but we rolled straight from that into the Future Games Show. More console-centric, it nevertheless featured trailers for a bunch more games including Red Thread’s Dustborn, Sherlock: Chapter One, Call of the Sea, and more.

You’ll find the most notable trailers of games coming to the PC below, along with the best commentary I could muster after like…six hours of trailers. “Fake E3” sure is feeling a lot like real E3 at this point.

Quantum Error

What, today’s System Shock trailer wasn’t enough for you? You need another creepy spaceship? Quantum Error looks like it’ll let you kill monster-aliens with a fire axe, which sure is a change of pace. Not sure what else to say about it, except that I really miss Dead Space and I hope this will recapture some of those vibes.


I still wish Red Thread got to work on more Dreamfall/The Longest Journey. It’s been quite a while since Dreamfall Chapters wrapped up. That said, Dustborn has a distinctive look about it, and I trust Red Thread and Ragnar Tornquist to do right by the writing even in a new setting. And one day, maybe we’ll get that Longest Journey conclusion.


I think we’re starting to see the knock-on effects of 2016’s Doom in other games. A lot of first-person games this week with a focus on movement and speed. Ghostrunner hands you a sword and has you slicing-and-dicing a bunch of robots, which…well, if everything is going to be cyberpunk right now, at least we can bring katanas back as well.

Call of the Sea

With In the Valley of Gods defunct, it falls to Call of the Sea to carry my hopes for a period adventure game. An archaeology game set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea seems like a great blend of puzzles and exploration, with a supernatural element layered on top. Those are…all of my interests, so consider this on my wishlist.

Sherlock: Chapter One

The good news: Frogwares is finally returning to Sherlock Holmes, and taking cues from the open-world detective systems it built for The Sinking City! The weird/uncomfortable/bad news: Sherlock Holmes is sexy now! Chapter One seems bizarre, like an attempt to further sex up the famed detective after taking a step in that direction with The Devil’s Daughter. I miss the old fatherly Sherlock of the Crimes & Punishments era, even if it’s just set-dressing for solving crimes.


Cygni is a bullet-hell game with a gorgeous 2.5D look to it. I wish we could see a little more of the world and its occupants from our eye-in-the-sky, but these are some of the prettiest backdrops I’ve seen in a bullet-hell game, bar none. Even knowing I’m terrible at these types of games, I kind of want to check it out.

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