The Importance of Responsive Web Design for Successful Ecommerce Results


Responsive website design is a modern website design and developmental approach that enables websites and pages to respond to and get displayed on all devices by automatically adapting to the screen sizes. It serves different style properties depending on screen size, orientation, colour capability, resolution, and other characteristics of the user’s device.

A responsive web design created by a web design & development companyaims to provide the best possible viewing experience across devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop, etc.

Why is Responsive Design Essential?

Building a desktop version and a mobile version of a website was not so popular a few years ago. However, a responsive website that works efficiently on any device has gained traction over the years. Today, it is vital for an e-commerce business to have a responsive website designed by esteemed website design and development companies to flourish.

Here are Some Statistics to Convince You:

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, today, about 5.27 billion people in the world have a mobile device. It means that 67.03% of the world’s population use a mobile device. In 2017, only 53% of people worldwide used mobile devices. Statista predicts that by 2023 the number of mobile device users will grow to 7.33 billion.

So, it is likely that a considerable portion of the worldwide population will be accessing your website from a mobile device. These numbers are enough to persuade e-commerce business owners to invest in web design and development companiesto build a responsive website and reach more people.

Besides, research from BroadbandSearch reveals that from 51.3% in 2016, web traffic from mobile users rose to 53% in 2019. Even though the desktop web traffic is comparatively higher at 56.7% in the same year, current trends reveal that mobile internet usage is poised to grow, potentially eclipsing desktop usage in the coming years.

Therefore, hiring trusted web design and development company’s alpha geeks to build a responsive website for your e-commerce business is essential.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design for an E-commerce Business

Easy Management and Maintenance

The maintenance cost of having a desktop version and a stand-alone mobile version of a website is comparatively more than a responsive website that works on all devices by adjusting automatically.

Besides, having two different versions of your e-commerce business website requires double the effort to manage. If you want to update your content anytime, you have to make changes in different versions separately. However, with a responsive website, you just have to update your content once. Maintaining one site rather than different sheets for multiple device forms of the same site is easier and less time-consuming. 

Optimal User Experience

A study by Morgan Stanley reveals that 91% of smartphone users have their mobile devices within their arm’s reach 24X7. Therefore, making websites easily accessible on mobile devices is crucial. 

In a responsive website created by an accomplished website designing & development company, the site automatically adjusts to the device’s screen size and orientation. It switches between these options on a whim, delivering an optimal user experience.

Improved SEO

Responsive web design makes your website SEO friendly. By having a single URL for mobile and desktop, visitors are directed to a single website irrespective of the device. This essentially helps in boosting the site rank on Google. As all the search engine optimization efforts are focused on a single site, the search benefits are comparatively more focused.


Although the cost of having a responsive website designed by the experts at web designing & development companyis a bit expensive, the benefits achieved in the long run makes it cost-effective. Firstly, you are not required to pay twice for creating the same site for different devices. Secondly, e-commerce websites need constant updates and making changes on separate sites will become expensive and tedious. After considering the two points mentioned above, we can conclude that investing in responsive designing will provide substantial savings in future.

Effective Utilization of Content

As mentioned earlier, e-commerce websites need to be updated regularly. In this case, it is beneficial to have a responsive website as it enables you to utilize the same content for smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Sharing the same content in a single URL makes it easier for the users to link, interact and connect with your content, making your e-commerce store more credible.

Better Site Speed

In responsive designing, the designing wizards at web design and development companiesuse advanced techniques that optimize the videos and images to an apt size based on the screen size, thus helping your e-commerce website maintain its speed.

Broadened Customer Reach

Since a responsive design makes websites compatible with multiple devices, it makes the site universally accessible, helping the businesses to reach a broader audience. Besides, responsive web design makes it easier for the users to navigate a site smoothly and view the listed products properly, even on smaller screens. This increases user satisfaction and motivates the visitors to turn into loyal customers.

Higher Conversion Rate

A full-fledged responsive website created by a professional website design and development companywill give you a competitive edge. It will enable your customers to view products and purchase them efficiently, thus providing a seamless shopping experience and boosting your sales.

A robust mobile experience may lead to a higher conversion rate in the future. According to ForeSee Results’ report, 54% of the interviewees are likely to consider a company next time if they are delighted with the mobile experience the first time. Also, they are twice as likely to shop from the retailer’s mobile channel again. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, it is essential to remember that Google favours responsive websites over separate mobile versions. Because mobile versions of a website have a different URL and HTML from the main site, it becomes difficult to index and rank the concerned e-commerce website in searches. Since a responsive website shares the same URL and HTML as its parent version, it is easier for Google to locate, interact, index, and crawl it on mobile. 


According to Insider Intelligence prediction, m-commerce volume will rise at a 25.5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2019 to hit $488.0 billion, or 44% of e-commerce in 2024. And, the two key devices driving the m-commerce revolution are smartphones and tablets. 

Today, e-commerce business owners should start considering a responsive website designed by an accomplished web design development company if they haven’t created one already.

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