Kotonki: Agricultural Vehicle Built For Customization


Agriculture on any scale consists of quite a few duties that involve lifting, hauling, pushing, and pulling. On many modern day farms, these jobs are normally finished employing an array of specialised (and high priced) tools. This puts a lot of compact-scale farmers, in particular individuals in developing nations around the world, below major monetary strain. These problems led a South African engineering company to build the Kotonki, a low-price hydraulically run utility automobile that can be tailored for a extensive assortment of use instances. Video just after the crack.

The identify Kotonki is derived from the Setswana phrase for a donkey kart. It is in essence a self-propelled hydraulic electricity pack, able of hauling 1 ton of something that can suit on its load bed. It arrives in entrance-wheel travel or 4-wheel travel variations, with each wheel individually driven by a hydraulic motor. The simple welded metal body articulates around a double pivot, which allows it to preserve all 4 wheels on the ground over any terrain. At a max pace of 10 km/h it will not get any races, but neither would most other agricultural motor vehicles. The Kotonki is built largely making use of off-the-shelf elements and is driven by a common 12HP Honda motor. In the earth of DRM agricultural products, this would make for basic repairs, low managing expenses, and uncomplicated customization for the process at hand. This can contain mounting log splitters, drinking water pumps, lifting beds, or nearly anything else that can be pushed by its hydraulic and rotary PTOs (Electric power Consider-Off).

It’s always fascinating to see particular style components hold repeating them selves in distinctive sections of the planet, like the Gentle Electric Utility Car or truck, the one-cylinder “Tuo La Ji” automobiles of rural China, and the hydraulic “Power Cube” and vehicles of World-wide Village Construction Established.


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