6 Career Pathways to Working With Numbers


If you are someone who, instead than majoring in English literature and English language at large faculty, college or university or college, was generally much far more adept in the field of arithmetic, then you might well be glad to use your competencies with figures in a personalized context on your own.

On the other hand, if your curiosity and passion for quantities go outside of this, then you might nicely be preferably suited for a expert profession committed to monetary and accounting issues. So, with this in head, proceed examining to find out about the top rated six occupation pathways which entail doing work with figures.

1.Biomedical Engineer

A interesting and very specialised vocation pathway that not only consists of doing work with numbers but is entirely dependent on quantities is that of a biomedical engineer.

Fundamentally, biomedical engineers perform in the crossover fields of science and engineering and deal with creating and certainly building equally hardware and computer software remedies to be made use of in the health care world.

The major responsibilities and duties of a biomedical engineer consist of, but are not limited to, the pursuing:

  • The preparing of advice reports which have their roots derived from scientific investigation
  • The training of other health care and health care industry experts on how to use health care machines and application deals
  • The inspection and servicing of all health care equipment on the premises on a steady and complete foundation
  • The presentation of all pertinent findings from investigate carried out to stakeholders and other senior pros in the healthcare business
  • The installation of revolutionary healthcare machines in a huge vary of different medical establishments


Physicists are specifically properly trained researchers who check out and have interaction in extensive investigation into the purely natural legal guidelines which manage the surroundings and absolutely everyone in it. 

A qualified physicist has to have an incredibly thorough and vast-ranging expertise of the application of physics and mathematic formulation, and usually, notable physicists who excel in their discipline are accountable for the most extraordinary and progressive discoveries and innovations. 

The role of a physicist is an intense 1 and often includes the subsequent obligations, to identify just a couple of:

  • The organizing and practical conducting of several specifically intended scientific experiments with a perspective to screening their theories
  • Crafting and modifying each purposes and proposals for funding exploration
  • The presentation of their conclusions garnered from their investigation to other researchers
  • Crafting intensely in-depth and critical papers
  • The development of revolutionary devices these types of as pc application apps and scientific systems and devices to both product and consider info


Another job pathway that includes working with figures and mathematic formulas each and every single working day is that of a professional statistician.

Statisticians use quantitive data, amongst other resources of data, to strengthen the competitive mother nature of a business, as effectively as give tangible analysis results to aid mature and grow the firm,

A usual day in the doing work lifestyle of a statistician generally incorporates:

  • The presentation of statistical exploration conclusions to senior section heads and other supervisors in a range of kinds, which include tables, graphs, charts, and executive summaries
  • The interpretation, description, and summary of exploration conclusions in complete conclusions
  • Consistently carrying out assessments to be certain the precision and trustworthiness of results and findings from mentioned analysis
  • Examining on data integrity by continuously validating and error examining
  • The creation and subsequent routine maintenance of a quantity of databases employing SPSS, Stata, SAS, and other application plans specifically designed for statisticians

4.Computer system Analysis Scientist

Computer system research experts incorporate details technologies with science to examine how guidelines and data are communicated, processed, and stored by desktops and computing program courses. 

Laptop experts essentially are the types to thank for a myriad of modern day-day conveniences, from scaled-down units and systems these kinds of as smartphones and tablets to substantial and high priced methods such as airplanes and even rocket ships. 

A occupation as a computer system research scientist most possible includes the subsequent obligations:

  • Generally striving to increase current personal computer software package plans and computing systems in conditions of general performance
  • Conceptualizing equally mathematical and computational worries and problems
  • The enhancement of new computing strategies and components
  • Operating with each other with other IT and scientific specialists, these as program engineers and programmers, to generate impressive solutions
  • Conducting in depth research projects 


1 quite clear occupation pathway which is concentrated and centered all over functioning with numbers every single one day is that of a qualified accountant.

Just about every solitary business, no matter of size, scope, or in truth the marketplace in which they run, employs a business accountant to supply comprehensive and in-depth money suggestions, to regulate all procedures and procedures linked with accounting, and to audit their accounts every year. As an accountant bargains with most, certainly practically all, of the various departments within just a enterprise, ought to you want to go after a career in this subject, it is strongly a good idea to embark upon an MSc Finance and Management or a identical degree application.

Typical roles and responsibilities of a capable accountant include things like:

  • Taking care of other men and women connected with the finance and accounting department
  • The assessment of many business strategies and proposed changes to techniques
  • The writing and presenting of budgets, commentaries, studies, economic statements, and business ideas
  • Being liable for dealing with conditions associated to insolvency
  • Threat analysis and money forecasting

6.Maths Trainer

At last, but certainly a credible and intensely fulfilling occupation pathway, the past most high-profile task working with quantities is that of a arithmetic instructor, at possibly a substantial school, college or university, or even at a college.

Not only do potential maths instructors will need to be very competent and extra than proficient at mathematics and all-associated fields of analyze, but they also have to have to possess a in-depth knowing of a extensive range of educating practices.

As a maths teacher, no matter of the distinct educational institution you do the job in, you will be liable for:

  • Sourcing provides and assets for lessons
  • Reporting and documenting unique pupil progress
  • Attending committee, union, team, and mother or father conferences
  • Invigilating remaining exams and coursework
  • Grading a extensive myriad of different mathematical assignments
  • Guaranteeing that the classrooms are generally acceptable for learners and all set to go


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