Why is Aerial Imaging Preferable for Business Promotion?

Why is Aerial Imaging Preferable for Business Promotion?

Why is Aerial Imaging Preferable for Business Promotion


Ever since the inception of LiDAR drones, aerial imaging has become a real
thing that every brand wants to get a hold of. Since
aerial photography
is done from a high vantage point, it was challenging to capture a bird’s eye
view of the property earlier. If anybody wanted to capture these images, they
would have to shed tons of money.

But now that drone services are available for regular and business
photography, you can hire professionals to capture stunning images without
spending a million dollars. So, let’s dig deeper into how aerial imaging suits
your business promotion.

Aerial Imaging for Business Promotions

Since marketing has shifted to digital media, many businesses have sought ways
to promote their products and services via social media channels such as
Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Digital marketers are trying innovative and unique ways to attract customers,
which is where drone videography and photography come in.

Aerial imaging or videography allows the marketer to share pictures and tell
their story to the customers uniquely. Many digital marketers use these shots
and images to create corporate videos to represent the brand to their

Moreover, you can also capture stunning images that can later go on to your
Facebook or Instagram feed for promotions. Another reason why businesses
prefer drone videography is that they capture stunning shots of events that
can later be used to publicize your company.

Looking at real estate advertisements online, you will see that most of these
pictures and videos are shot from a bird’s eye view.

However, there are better chances to increase your sales with
aerial imaging drones. When you hire
professional drone services, you can develop a far more productive
relationship with them that will pay off in the long run.

As you have read, there are tons of benefits to using aerial imaging for
business promotions. But if you’re still confused and wondering why brands are
more inclining toward it, we have shared a few reasons below.

4 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Aerial Imaging for Promotions

Since drones have become more available to business owners in the last few
years, many people have switched to aerial imaging and drone photography
because of their dynamic appeal.

There are various reasons why businesses want aerial photography to be
integrated into their marketing campaigns. Take a look at some major ones:

1. Standout from the Crowd

We all know that pictures give more information than words, hence the most
important reason for using visual content. Customers can view different
features of the products and determine their worth.

Now think about a video. How much information it can provide within seconds?
And, what if it’s an aerial video?

Video capture from an aerial vantage point could tell a story like no other.
Drone videography allows you to create stunning content for marketing
regardless of where you plan to use it. The content created via drones is not
only impeccable to be published on a website, but you can also create small
advertisements on different social media platforms.

With the help of drone videos, you can make your audience understand the power
and value of your business through visual representation. Following the trend
of drone photography will keep your social media pages looking fresh and
demonstrate how your brand is in touch with the rising marketing trends.

2. Dynamic Large Scale Video

Have you ever watched the Oscars? If not, you should because what you are
about to say will make more sense when you do.

If you check out their best cinematography category, you will see
various films, all of which offer a dynamic video range. Movies like Avatar, The Revenant,
or Gravity have a lot of movement and offer unique shots, especially from a
wide angle.

This is mainly because the aerial shots give a broad view of the world and are
far more dynamic than regular shots. So you can imagine if this impresses the
Oscars, won’t it awestruck an average consumer?

A few months ago, an advertisement by Emirates went viral because it was shot
not only by a drone but also at the top of the world, i.e., Burj Khalifa. The
consumers loved the video’s concept and dynamic appeal, and that is precisely
what you need to promote your business.

3. Better Engagement on Social Media

Social media is like the daily newspaper for modern and tech-savvy consumers.
It is always loaded with an influx of news, entertainment, and advertisements
that millions of social media users consume every day.

Did you know that social media users would rather stay on a page and watch a
video than read a post? And that’s more important when you’re promoting a
product because customers, especially millennials, would
watch a product’s video
before making a buying decision.

But there is a catch. Most consumers are likelier to stay if a smartphone
doesn’t shoot the video.

People, mainly social media consumers, always search for more creative and
unique content. This is precisely what they get when they watch videos shot on
drones. So, as a business owner, if you’d want your marketing campaign to pay
off, use drone videos instead of regular video content to impact the

4. Cost Effective

As mentioned earlier, capturing aerial shots does not require a helicopter or
a pilot. Gone are the days when people invested millions in getting
screen-worthy aerial images. Now, all you have to do is invest in a drone and
learn how to use it.

Or, better, hire drone marketing services. Plenty of agencies available in
marketing can take drone shots for your marketing campaign for a set cost.

Final Verdict

So, as you have read, this is why businesses prefer investing in drone
photography to traditional marketing photography. The drone offers an
impeccable videography alternative that was hard to acquire before.

They are great at storytelling. Aerial imaging produces stunning and
breathtaking aerial images that are far more scintillating. It’s also a
cost-effective option to generate more sales and grab attention on social
media and websites. Overall, photos shot through aerial imaging are far more

So, if you, as a business owner, would like your marketing campaign to make an
impact, there is no better way than aerial imaging. Uniquely tell your story
and let the pictures do the talking.

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