Ubisoft says it experienced a ‘cyber security incident’, and the purported Nvidia hackers are taking credit


Ubisoft experienced a “cyber security incident” last week that temporarily disrupted some games, systems, and services, the company reported Thursday. Ubisoft hasn’t said who might be responsible, but on Friday evening, the group who purportedly hacked Nvidia took credit.

Ubisoft said it believes that “at this time there is no evidence any player personal information was accessed or exposed as a by-product of this incident” and says that games and services are now “functioning normally.” Out of caution, the company also “initiated a company-wide password reset.” When asked for comment, Ubisoft spokesperson Jessica Roache said the company had no additional details to share.

News of the incident arrives amid a recent wave of high-profile hacks. Nvidia confirmed on March 1st that it was hacked and said that the hackers are leaking employee credentials and proprietary information. Samsung said on March 7th that hackers stole internal company data and source code for Galaxy devices. The LAPSUS$ hacking group has taken responsibility for those two breaches.

But that may not be all. On Friday, in a Telegram channel allegedly run by LAPSUS$, the group posted a link to this article and the smirking face emoji, seemingly taking responsibility for the Ubisoft incident, too. In response to a user in the channel, the group “confirmed” that it did not target Ubisoft’s customer information. Ubisoft didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment on the claims.

Here is a screenshot sent by a tipster of the Telegram channel. The Verge separately saw the messages in the channel as well.

Update March 11th, 7:36PM ET: Added that a group allegedly representing LAPSUS$ is taking credit.


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