Top 5 Telecommunications Related Business Ideas

What Makes a Good Telecom Expense Management Company?

The world of telecommunications is more and more present in our lives. And it is a sector that shows no signs of exhaustion, on the contrary. Telecommunication companies will continue to be important for both individuals and businesses.

If you like everything related to telecommunications and technology, here are 10 ideas to start a business in this field.

It is not about competing with the big communication companies and launching the best fiber optic offer on the market. Other options require much less investment, although you probably need a good internet connection to make them.

Open a telecommunications agency

Becoming the owner of a telecommunications agency is an excellent opportunity for those who want to start their own business, in a constantly growing and expanding sector.

It’s no secret that there are excellent figures in the call-center sector, with a turnover of millions of euros. The trend of relocating contact centers abroad is also reversed, but on the contrary, the institutions reward those who decide to open this type of business in the beautiful country and to register them in the Register of Communications Operators.

The first question our accountant will ask us will be to evaluate the size of our company. At the fiscal level, everything is based on the number of people who will work for us, so if we exceed 15 stations, we will have to opt for a company, otherwise, we will only have to open one company.

Local telecommunications operator

Local telecommunications operators are usually small or medium-sized companies operating in municipalities with less than 70,000 inhabitants.

Highly technological, they tend to provide internet, telephone, and television services for small areas or regions with isolated population centers without fiber optics. Satellite, Wimax, or 4G connections are usually options offered by these SMEs.

Internet radio or television

Setting up an internet radio or television does not require a large investment. There are cities or regions, with a large population, that do not have local radio or television to cover the activities of town halls, sports teams, or the most important news.

Telecommunication services for companies

The company that provides network maintenance and configuration, equipment backups, software installation and management, computer security, or mobile service management. Virtual tables or virtual numbers can also be provided.

Telecommunication and telephony franchises

If you do not want to complicate the establishment of a business from the beginning, there are many franchises and at a very good price, in the telecommunications sector, which offers you practically everything you have done. Mobile phones, fiber optics, computers, consulting franchises.

Sale of refurbishments and repairs of smartphones and tablets

Sales of refurbished devices, both computers and tablets, and mobile phones, are on the rise due to the savings it entails. Also repairs. Replacing screens, batteries or buttons, cameras or connectors, and changing any component is increasingly required.