The $35 Raspberry Pi 4 doubles its memory for the revolutionary mini-PC’s 8th birthday

It’s the Raspberry Pi’s eighth birthday this weekend, and we’re the ones getting a gift. Founder Eben Upton announced that to celebrate the milestone, you’ll now get twice as much memory in the $35 version of the Raspberry Pi 4.

The Raspberry Pi 4 launched in June with three different RAM configurations: 1GB for $35, 2GB for $45, and 4GB for $55. Now, the 2GB model costs $35. It’s a permanent price cut, though the 1GB model will also stick around at the same price.

“The fall in RAM prices over the last year has allowed us to cut the price of the 2GB variant of Raspberry Pi 4 to $35,” Upton said. “Effective immediately, you will be able to buy a no-compromises desktop PC for the same price as Raspberry Pi 1 in 2012.” Compared to the original Raspberry Pi, Upton says the Raspberry Pi 4 offers:

  • 40× the CPU performance
  • 8× the memory
  • 10× the I/O bandwidth
  • 4× the number of pixels on screen
  • Two screens instead of one
  • Dual-band wireless networking

Can’t complain there. This credit card-sized PC continues to deliver a shocking amount of value in its quest to make electronic hacking affordable for the masses.

Most retailers in the U.S. still list the 2GB model at $45, though it’s already dropped to $35 on Newark. The Raspberry Pi Twitter account says that all officially approved resellers will drop their prices soon, however.

raspberry pi resellers Brad Chacos/IDG

Twitter screenshot

Over 30 million Raspberry Pi units have been sold since the revolutionary mini-PC launched in 2012. If you’re thinking about getting in on the action now that the $35 version comes with double the RAM, be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi 4 rundown. You’ll also want to take a peek at our guide to the best Raspberry Pi kits for beginners and experienced tinkerers alike, as well as our roundup of 10 surprisingly practical Raspberry Pi projects that anybody can do. You can squeeze an unexpected amount of juice from this oh-so-delicious ‘berry.

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