Spectrum TV: salient features for every member of the household

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Spectrum TV is a part of the Charter Communications network. Charter communications have been known for their internet services, phone services, and television cable services for quite a while now in the nation of the US. They cater to more than 41 states in the US alone. Right now, Spectrum has over 28 million customers all over the US.

To make sure that the customer’s life is easy, Spectrum offers three different types of TV plans for the customer to choose from. You can either opt for the first plan, which is Spectrum TV Select. This plan is very budget-friendly. It will only cost you $44.99 every month for 12 months. You can avail over 125 channels with this plan. The second plan in the Spectrum TV plan list is Spectrum TV silver. This plan is better than Spectrum TV Select because it provides over 175 channels to its customers. The price is again very nominal. It only costs you $74.99 every month for a period of 12 months. Finally, there is Spectrum TV Gold. This plan allows customers access to over 200 channels in the Spectrum network.

The spectrum TV network has also been made available in local languages like spectrum español for Spanish speakers. In case you want to watch TV in your local language, all you need to do is contact customer support. The customer service personnel will guide you in the process of setting up the channels of your choice and preferences.

Spectrum has not restricted itself to providing only the regional channels. It also provides sports coverage from different networks. However, the sports network channels which you receive at your home will depend on the plan that you have subscribed to. If you go for Spectrum TV Gold, you will receive the most TV channels. Alternatively, if you go for Spectrum TV Select, you will get the least number of sports channels.

Why is Spectrum TV perfect for every household?

 Spectrum TV is a very budget-friendly TV network. If you choose Spectrum TV select, you only have to pay $44.99 every month. If you choose Spectrum TV Silver, you only have to pay $74.99 per month.

The subscription method of Spectrum TV is very easy and simple.

There is an option of removing and adding the channels as per your needs and requirements.

Spectrum has amazing customer service representatives. The customer service option available 24/7 and can help you in case you face any technical difficulties or cable issues.

Free HD availability

Hundreds of on-demand titles are available.

Availability of the DVR service. The DVR service allows you and your family members to record their favorite TV shows and then watch them later when you are free.

Why should you opt for Spectrum TV select?

There are not one, not two but many reasons as to why you should opt for Spectrum TV compared to all other TV networks currently available. When you return home after a long and difficult day at the office, all you want to do is unwind, relax and just destress. Relaxation is a word that resonates with watching television. If you turn on the TV and you realize that the show that is coming is not up to your liking, it will only add to your stress. Fear not, Spectrum has you covered. If you choose Spectrum TV network, you will get channels pertaining to sports, movies, kids, history, science, documentaries, et cetera. Whatever type of channel you need, Spectrum has you covered.

Let’s understand what Spectrum network has in store for each and every family member.

For the news lovers

If you are the type of man or woman who prefers to always stay on top of what is happening with the world, the Spectrum TV network has CNN, Fox News, and a variety of other news channels to offer you.

For the dad and son who love to watch sports

If you love sports, Spectrum has Motor Trend, SEC network, ESPN one and two, ACCN, and so many other sports channels. The sports channels you will receive specifically will depend on the Spectrum TV plan that you have chosen for your family. The regional sports channel will depend on your location.

For the kids

Spectrum TV has many channels meant for kids like cartoon network, science, animal planet, Nickelodeon et cetera. Even though it is not an ideal option to use your TV as your babysitter but, your kid will be busy and learn at the same time.

You can also opt for Spectrum TV plan along with Spectrum internet network. This way, you will be paying a very nominal amount for availing of both the services. The Spectrum network delivers the internet on the basis of hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure. This ensures that your internet speed is always high.