Rapper IDK Calls Out Popeyes Over Trademark Because He’s Trademark Illiterate

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I’ll preface this submit with this short bit of throat-clearing: no writer or reader of this web page really should anticipate the normal human being on the street to recognize the nuances of intellectual assets at the very same degree of these of us intrigued in the subject matter. The law is complicated and nuanced, and the layperson is basically not likely to have the background that some of us have.

That becoming explained, I pretty substantially would expect — nay, need — that any individual likely on the assault with threats in excess of mental residence concerns know what the hell they’re talking about when they do so. Acquire Jason Mills, a rapper known superior by his nom de plume “IDK”. Mills trademarked his phase title, as a person would hope. But then, as a person would not be expecting, he seemingly took concern with the next announcement from Popeyes.

You get the little bit. “IDK” is shorthand for “I really don’t know” and Popeyes designed a meal those people those people who could say, “I did not know I needed this meal”. Mildly intelligent at greatest. But, to be reasonable, much far more intelligent than IDK’s reaction on Twitter.

All right, so let us unpack this. 1st, there are a handful of persons on Twitter telling IDK that they imagined he received his possess meal by means of Popeyes. I’m talking about a couple of persons here. That counts for some measure of confusion, however I’d argue it’s exceptionally minimal and… type of dumb?

Especially when you contemplate IDK’s key salvo right here: “y’all know I individual the trademark for IDK?” And this is the place the nuance in trademark law comes into play. See, Mills does in truth have a trademark for “IDK,” but specially in the markets for audio/online video recordings, apparel, and reside music concerts. You know, rap artist things. What his trademark does not do is enable him control the use of “IDK” in the location of slingin’ rooster foods, which is what Popeyes is carrying out with it.

Not to mention that “IDK” is a pretty commonly used acronymn, as beforehand talked about. Even some of the replies to IDK feel to get that.

So there’s no real lawful motion to be had here. Popeyes’ use is perfectly legit. IDK can just take away a additional nuanced being familiar with of trademark regulation from this. But what just can’t be done is only saying, “Hey, I personal the trademark on this” as nevertheless that were being any kind of menace.

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