QR codes on video streaming platforms: an effective marketing strategy

Video streaming platforms are popular today because they provide people with a convenient viewing experience. Users can watch movies or shows on any device, anytime and anywhere.

A Statista survey revealed that 93.5% of Internet users across the globe used video streaming services in the third quarter of 2021.

Due to the stiff competition in the market, streaming companies have used innovative strategies to attract more subscribers. One such strategy is the use of QR codes.

A QR code created using the best QR code generator helps them in their marketing campaigns. It is the perfect tool to engage with smartphone-reliant consumers.

Real-life use cases of QR codes on video streaming platforms

Here are four of the world’s leading video streaming platforms and their innovative QR code campaigns:

1. Netflix

The third season of the Netflix series Love, Death and Robots recently made headlines online as it came with an Easter egg hunt for its fans and viewers.

Nine QR codes are hidden in online and offline spaces — in the episodes, social media, and physical locations. When scanned, people will find exclusive artwork from the series.

Users can either download the artwork on their devices or mint it as an NFT.

Five images have already been discovered as of writing. These images are displayed on lovedeathandart.com, the series’ official website.

2. Disney+

Moon Knight, the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, surprised fans with a free digital comic book hidden in a QR code.

During its premiere episode on March 30th on Disney+, fans saw a QR code in one of its scenes.

The lucky few who scanned the URL QR code were routed to Marvel’s official website, where they could read Werewolf By Night #32 for free.

3. Paramount+

The SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas saw a remarkable feat as 400 drones formed a gigantic QR code in the night sky.

This was Paramount’s promotional campaign for Halo, a new original sci-fi series that premiered on March 24th.

The drones formed a video QR code that routed scanning users to a trailer of the series.

4. Hulu

Hulu introduced GatewayGo in 2020 to offer a new ad experience for their viewers. It allows them to connect and engage directly with a brand they find interesting.

GatewayGo integrated the use of QR codes for sharing information or sending offers. Viewers can also have these sent via push notifications or email.

QR codes that video streaming platforms can use

1. Video QR code

A vide QR code can reroute viewers to a teaser that will hype up an upcoming movie or series. It also works for showing fans exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers.

The 2021 action-comedy film Red Notice featured this QR code type in one of its scenes. Viewers who scanned it saw video clips of the cast on set.

2. URL QR code

Streaming companies can use a QR code generator with logo to create URL QR codes. These can route viewers to a TV show’s official website, where they can access exclusive content.

A QR code appeared in the 2018 sci-fi adventure film Ready Player One trailer. When scanned, it routes fans to the movie’s official webpage.

3. File QR code

Did you know that you can also use file QR codes on movies and TV shows?

Using a QR code generator, you can create a QR code that shows content to viewers such as photos and posters that they can save on their devices.

4. Social media QR code

Movies and series now use social media as part of their promotional campaigns, making social media QR codes handy.

These codes can route viewers to the show’s official social media page or even the cast members’ accounts.

Producers can even add their movie or show icon to the code using a QR code generator with logo.


Video streaming services must convince people to subscribe to them and watch their exclusive content, but they must do it in a practical yet efficient way.

QR codes are the perfect tool for this. Using this technology does not cost too much, and you can guarantee that they’re effective since all it takes to scan them is a smartphone.