Pi Pico QR Display Hands Out WiFi Info With Style

Pi Pico QR Display Hands Out WiFi Info With Style

At this position, you are likely mindful that you can store your wireless network’s qualifications in a QR code, so that any one who wishes to link with their smartphone want only scan the 2D barcode. No matter if you print it out on paper, extrude it out of plastic, or paint the issue on the wall, it still performs the very same. It is a neat trick for when you have got pals and family over, and saves you possessing to explain your ponderously extended WPA critical.

But what if you want to change up the encryption vital every so frequently? Absolutely sure would be a stress to have to repaint the wall. Enter this interesting task from [Predrag Mijatovic], which utilizes a couple scripts to quickly established up a new encrypted guest WiFi network and current the appropriate QR code on an OLED display attached to a Raspberry Pi Pico. It is a bit convoluted, and virtually undoubtedly will not perform on your network with out sizeable tweaks, but we’re intrigued by the idea.

As [Predrag] points out, the whole point is dependent on a Latvian MikroTik router that can be configured over SSH. A Bash script generates a new encryption crucial by base64 encoding the output /dev/urandom,  logs into the router to set up a new community making use of it, and then generates the matching ASCII QR code. With some sed trickery, the code is then embedded into a MicroPython system that gets uploaded to the connected Pi Pico.

In the video immediately after the crack [Predrag] normally takes us by the process manually so it is much easier to see what’s going on. Beneath standard conditions, it would all transpire instantly and would take just a couple seconds to finish. We’d really feel extra comfortable if the scripts experienced some error correction that would make it possible for them to gracefully exit if something goes erroneous, but as a evidence of idea, it unquestionably works.

We’d like to see this concept explored a little bit even further, most likely making use of one particular of the physical QR code shows we have observed above the years. A programmable digital paper display screen would also be a logical way to clearly show off a dynamic QR code.


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