Mobile Google Keep to Google Doc

Mobile Google Keep to Google Doc

Google Keep is an amazing tool that works offline. It is a note taking app but so much more. When I’m a passenger in a car and I have some ideas I want to get down, Google Keep is the fastest way to accomplish that.

Sticky Notes

Essentially, Google Keep is a sticky note application. However, it has notification and reminder capability as well as the ability to Share. It is Google after all.

You can find your Keep notes from your Google account. Create a note on your phone and then go to on your computer to easily access your note.

Google Docs

Google Keep integrates with Google Docs 2 ways. The first is the sidebar of Google Docs has a Google Keep icon. Click on that to show your notes while writing a document. You can also drag the note to the Doc.

Create a Google Doc

The other way is to fully turn your Google Keep into a Google Doc. You can do this from Mobile or Web.
From mobile click on the 3 dots icon to choose “Share.” One of the share options is “Copy to Google Doc.” This creates a brand new Google Doc in your Google Drive.

Copy to Google Docs

I find the copy to Google Doc to be so convenient. Brainstorming or getting my ideas down quickly is better in Keep. If it starts to develop into something more or I want to take it to my laptop, then converting it to a Google Doc is the way to go.
If it’s just general rambling I just leave the note in Keep and don’t have a Doc cluttering up my Drive.

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