MilesWeb: India’s Most Trusted Reseller Hosting Provider

As humans we are never satisfied with what we have, we tend to always want for more. It is a common human tendency to try and earn as much as they can. Now, in these technical times, there is the internet which is helping people get jobs and providing great opportunities. But amidst all this glitter shown online, there often are frauds too who are waiting for an opportunity to misuse your information. Hence one must be cent percent sure before giving your information to someone you don’t know.

You might be wondering that for starting an online business you need to give your and your business details to a web hosting company and if it is so risky out there how and whom to trust? If you’re scared to start an online business because of the same reasons then you’re at the right place.

In numbers, MilesWeb is trusted by more than 30,000+ happy customers and is adding new daily.

About MilesWeb

Founded in 2012, MilesWeb has expanded its horizons and has made its way to be one of the largest and most trusted web hosting companies. They provide a range of hosting plans and services. The company focuses on providing cheap hosting plans with all the basic features covered in them for the client.

They provide hosting facilities in India, UK, the US, Australia, Canada and Singapore. 

The company offers several different hosting services, starting with basic shared hosting to manage WordPress, cloud, reseller, and cheap Windows VPS.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb gives you a great opportunity to start earning with the luxury of sitting at home, having flexible working hours and importantly, being your own boss. They have both Linux and Windows reseller hosting plans. 

If you choose to resell the plans, you may add your own profits and make your own plans to please your clients. The plans for resellers are really affordable. If you fear that your client may want to get in touch with MilesWeb directly and buy the plans, then worry not. MilesWeb does not reveal its name anywhere. Your client won’t come to know that you are a reseller. 

Plans at MilesWeb

  1. Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans

MilesWeb has four plans under Linux reseller hosting, namely,

  • Micro
  • Startup
  • Grow
  • Expand

The base plan feature include

  • 5 cPanel Accounts
  • 10GB SSD Disk Space
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • cPanel + WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

The features increase, depending on the plan you opt for.

  1. Windows Reseller Web Hosting Plans

MilesWeb has four plans under the Windows reseller hosting plan, namely,  

  • Neo
  • Entry
  • Smart
  • Plus

Features in the base plan are

  • 10 Plesk Accounts
  • 20GB SSD Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Plesk Onyx 17.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s 
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Windows Server 2019

Why is MilesWeb different?

At MilesWeb you get features like:

  • Host Unlimited Websites:

You can create unlimited Plesk accounts and host unlimited websites with Windows and Linux reseller account.

  • SSD Powered Hosting:

SSD drive helps to accelerate website performance compared to the old HDDs. They load the pages faster for the visitors of your website. MilesWeb has SSD powered hosting on their reseller plans.

  • Free SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate ensures the secure encryption of the data on the website and that your data on the website is secure. MilesWeb provides free SSL certificate with their reseller plans.

  • Free Website Migration:

Are you not satisfied with your current host? Switch to MilesWeb at zero cost. The team takes responsibility for your migration from your current host to MilesWeb. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: 

With unlimited bandwidth, you can transmit maximum data from the server in the least possible time. MilesWeb provides you with unlimited bandwidth with their reseller plans.

  • Malware Scan and Removal:

There is regular scanning done from their end to block any viruses that may have attacked your system. If any threats are found, then they are immediately fixed.

  • 100% White Labeled:

MilesWeb doesn’t want your clients to know that you are reselling. That is why there is a white label system that limits the visibility of the merchant company (MilesWeb) from your customers so that you can sell the products under your brand name.

  • Datacenter Choice:

Location of datacenter can affect the speed of your website by as much as 10X. The closer you are to the datacenter the better is the speed. At MilesWeb you can choose the datacenter closest to you.

  • Free Website Builder

This helps you to create a website without any coding or programming skills. You and your customer can easily create a website with just two steps- drag and drop.

  • Email Service

You can set up a professional email id with your domain name and use it to send and receive emails. 

  • Website Backup and Restore

By adding just a few bucks extra you can secure your website’s database in an automatic cloud.

Three pillars of MilesWeb

  • 24/7/365 Support:

The expert technical team is present to help you out with anything and everything at any time and every time you want. They are always there to help you fix your technical issues.

  • 30 Day Money Back:

If at all you feel that the service you were expecting is not up to the mark or maybe for any other reason, you feel like you don’t want to continue with MilesWeb, then no worries, if you cancel your subscription within 30 days, you get the sum back. 

  • 99.95% Uptime:

With the help of its Tire-3 and Tire-4 datacenters, MilesWeb can deliver an uptime of 99.95%,

Bottom Line

Reseller hosting is a great way to kick start your career and what better than a company that you can trust100 percent, with affordable rates and so many features for you to start with.

When it comes to choosing a reseller host, MilesWeb is the one for you. It is the most trusted brand for whom its customer matters the most. They provide you with world-class service and aim to keep getting better at it.