Microsoft Shows Tabbed Explorer Windows and New Video Editing App in New Preview Build


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(Photo: Rafael Rivera)
Microsoft certainly has a list of suggestions for Windows 10/11 sent in by its users that’s as long as a CVS receipt, if not longer, and so far the company has been regularly experimenting with a lot of new features by adding them to its preview builds for Windows Insider members. One of the top suggestions on that list for many years now has been a feature thats been available to macOS users since 2013; tabs in Windows Explorer. This feature allows you to move or copy files from various directories all from a single Explorer window, instead of the current situation where you need a separate Explorer window open for every distinct file location, notwithstanding dragging it to a folder in the side pane. Another much requested feature is an easy way to make small edits to movie files, which has been a hassle since the mothballing of Windows Movie Maker in 2017. Apparently, Microsoft has heard the people’s cries, and has delivered both tabbed Explorer windows and a new video editing app in the current preview build of Windows 11.

The added functionality for windows explorer was first spotted by Twitter user Rafael Rivera (via Techspot). Just like on the Mac, there’s a row or tabs along the top of the window indicating a file location. We’re not sure how file management specifically works in this scenario, but on the Mac just dragging a file or folder onto the tab at the top of the window and releasing the mouse button moves the file to the new location. Another Twitter user named XenoPanther confirmed the new feature, but noted it’s currently hidden, which means Microsoft is testing it behind the scenes, or it’s too buggy to make it visible for all users. To gain access to the new functionality, you need to run vivetool and type “addconfig 34370472 2,” then open an Explorer window. If you open up too many tabs to be displayed in the size of window you have open, a small arrow appears in the corner allowing you to shuffle between them.

Here’s how to get tabs in Explorer in the latest Windows 11 preview build. (Image: XenoPanther)

Another very welcome update is Microsoft will reportedly begin bundling a browser-based video editing app with all new Windows 11 devices, according to The Verge. The app is called Clipchamp, and it’s made by a company Microsoft purchased last year, seemingly to replace the beloved Windows Movie Maker (WMM). The software only works in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and supports basic video editing features that are in high demand these days with the kids and their Tik Toks, or so we’ve heard. It includes a video timeline and lets you trim clips, add transitions, use templates and stock art, and even record your screen among many other features. Since Microsoft says this app is now “inboxed” to Windows 11, it will hopefully roll out to all Windows 11 machines in the near future. This type of app has been in such high demand since Microsoft nuked WMM that it’s a separate category of spyware now. Just search for “free video editor for Windows” in your favorite search engine to see what we’re talking about.

Unfortunately, ClipChamp doesn’t support exporting in HD unless you are willing to pony up a subscription fee. Users must pay $9 per month to export at 720p or $19/month to export at HD. This is a terrible deal and could harm the overall value of the product unless Microsoft makes some changes.

Although Windows 11 hasn’t exactly been met with rousing praise, the company seems to be making an earnest effort to constantly improve it by adding user-requested features post-launch, including changes to the Task Bar, Start Menu, search functionality, and lots more. In the latest big update, it announced welcome features such as the addition of Android Apps, and screen sharing in apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In the latest preview build, the company is also testing out a new “fluid” design for the Task Manager as well. All or none of these features will appear in an upcoming Windows Update, but the video editor seems like it’s guaranteed. We can only hope the same is true for the tabbed Explorer windows.

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