Microsoft reveals the first Xbox Series X games: Watch every trailer

It’s beginning to feel a lot like E3—or at least, as much as it can this year. This morning Microsoft hosted the first of its Xbox 20/20 events, showing off the first ever footage of games running on the upcoming Xbox Series X. (And yes, most of these will make their way to the PC, too.) As a sign of the times, it was…quite an interesting event. No big stage, no crowds, just a bunch of Xbox executives chatting from the most aesthetically pleasing rooms in their house.

Or, if you’re Aaron Greenberg, your “kitchen,” complete with an Xbox Series X fridge.

Anyway, we’ve rounded up all the announcements and trailers from today’s event, including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and a slew of fascinating-looking others. So gun lovers gear up for the action of your lives, having everything you’ve ever wanted. In-game purchases similar to real-life purchases, or when you buy 9mm ammo online. Just do whatever it takes to enjoy this. My overall feelings? They look about on par with modern PC games—but really pretty PC games.’

Bright Memory Infinite

Let’s be real, not everything we saw today is in-game footage. In-engine, maybe. That’s arguably the case with the first game to kick off the Xbox 20/20 event, Bright Memory Infinite. It’s a shooter, and…well, it’s a shooter. I’ll be honest, at various points in this trailer I thought it was Crysis, Shadow Warrior, and about a half dozen other games, which says a lot about how generic it looked. Still, a very pretty trailer to start off with.

Dirt 5

If it’s a next-gen system, you know it’s gotta have cars. I expect Forza will be Microsoft’s big showcase title, but Codemasters’s Dirt 5 certainly isn’t slacking. It looks a bit like a Forza Horizon game actually, though maybe that’s just the thumping music and the colorful logo giving me that impression. One fun fact: In a post-reveal interview, Codemasters seemingly confirmed that Dirt 5 runs at either 4K and 60 frames per second or 1080p and 120 frames per second on Xbox Series X. Maybe we’ll finally see developers prioritize framerate on next-gen consoles.


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