Microsoft Edge is getting a free VPN, but it has some limitations


Microsoft continues to add new security features to its Chromium-based browser. The latest addition is a Microsoft Edge VPN, which lets you protect your browsing for free. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, have become popular for online users, especially in recent years, so it isn’t all that surprising to see Microsoft adding one to Edge.

A Microsoft Edge VPN is coming soon

Microsoft Edge security features
Microsoft Edge already offers multiple security features for online users to take advantage of. Image source: Microsoft

The VPN isn’t available just yet, but Microsoft has updated its official support page for the feature. Officially it is called Microsoft Edge Secure Network. Microsoft says that the Edge VPN is meant to add another layer of protection to your browsing.

“Microsoft Edge helps keep you safe online,” Microsoft writes on the support page. “However, the networks you join may not be adequately secure.” The company says that the Microsoft Edge VPN will protect your device and “sensitive data as you browse.”

Having a VPN in the browser that comes baked into Windows 10 and Windows 11 isn’t a bad deal. Not at all. As I mentioned before, VPNs have become a great way to protect your online browsing. That’s because VPNs work by routing your data traffic through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This makes it more difficult for bad actors to see what you’re browsing. Now that a Microsoft Edge VPN is making an appearance, users can take advantage of this extra security in the default Windows browser.

Of course, VPNs also offer other benefits. Some people use them to access sites like Netflix like they are from different countries. This can give you access to different show and movie lineups that aren’t available in your home country. Of course, the main purpose of these security apps is to protect your data.

Limited data

Microsoft Edge VPN data limit
The data limit notification for Microsoft Edge’s new VPN service. Image source: Microsoft

There is one downside to the Microsoft Edge VPN, though. According to the official support page, Microsoft will only allow you 1GB of free data every month. That means that once you’ve reached that 1GB of data, the VPN will become useless. Other companies, like Google, offer VPN services without such low data limits with their subscription services.

It’s extremely easy to use 1GB of data, especially if you travel a lot. If you just browse lightly, though, you might not use the entire gigabyte of data. The company hasn’t said if it will offer a premium data tier for the Microsoft Edge Secure Network. It also hasn’t said if the feature will offer more data once it’s available in all versions of Edge sometime down the line.

For now, the Microsoft Edge VPN will only be available to Edge Insiders right now. That’s a special group of early users that get access to new features and changes so that they can see how they work. Microsoft has yet to reveal an official release date for its new VPN.


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