means of communication and information media via smartphone

In human life, communication is very important to be able to understand each other. In the past, humans could only communicate using oral communication. Today, with technology that has become part of human life with the development of very high messages, communication is carried out in new ways, using the iPhone 12 offers, this is one of the most widely used smartphone technologies in this era with promising features of some excellent smartphones.


Multimedia is a suitable means of communicating and providing bulk information that requires a special device so that information can reach the recipient.

For example, we can also use smartphones in this era.


 There are so many smartphones that make it easy for us to do and provide remote information to anyone. What does multimedia mean? Then how can multimedia be present in human life?


In language, multimedia consists of two words, namely “multi” and “media”. Multi means a lot, while media means something that is used to convey messages (intermediaries). In this era, we must communicate with family and friends, for example with a smartphone, a smartphone is also a link with one another, so in the language of multimedia, it is an intermediary for messages consisting of more than one element.


In another sense, multimedia is a means of communication and information media on a computer that combines graphics, text, animation, audio, and video. Any combination of these elements can be displayed, stored, sent, or processed by specific devices. Here are some definitions of multimedia according to experts: