Impact of Technology on the Travel Industry



Technological advancement has had a significant impact on the travel industry over time. It has changed the way of travelling, from how we choose vacation destinations, to what we do when on vacation. Technology has seen a reduction in costs, enhanced efficiency and improved services and customer satisfaction. Travel agencies and customers have benefited from enhanced reservation, communication and guest service systems. In this article, we will discuss the impact of technological advancement on the travel revolution.

7 impacts of New Technological on the Travel Revolution (News – Alert)

New technology has changed the way people live, work, travel and have fun, making things faster, safer and more efficient. Here are some of the impacts of technology on the travel industry.

#1. Improved communication

Technological advancement has a significant impact on the communication system. It has improved the way of communicating. Nowadays, travellers use smartphones to plan their trips and get directions to different vacation destinations. Also, technology has brought about high-speed internet that facilitates fast communication with all travel agency’s partners. Booking a trip with Europcar or Hertz car rental no longer takes hours; it is a matter of minutes.

#2. Improved staff services

Technological advancement has affected how staff in the travel industry execute their duties. Nowadays, customers’ details are usually automated, making them quick to retrieve. That ensures customers get efficient and satisfactory services. Also, employees can use automated systems to carry out specific duties such as cooking, cleaning and laundry.

#3. Easy booking

Gone are the days when people used to book a trip in advance. Nowadays, With the help of technology, people can make reservations for their desired flights or car hire in minutes using their smartphones in their homes. You can explore different platforms offering diverse flight and cheap car rental options with the internet until you find one that fits your requirements and budget. Also, instead of printing tickets and hotel reservations, you get the options of e-tickets and mobile check ins; hence you don’t need to carry many documents on the day of travelling.

#4. Improved business operation.

Over the years, as businesses in the travel industry adapt to new technology, they have experienced improved production and service delivery to their clients. This is a result of organised communication and coordination. As a result, customers can communicate to their favourite tour agency and hotel of choice at their own appropriate time and get their concerns attended to.

Furthermore, there is a system that facilitates self-service options for their clients. Clients can make their reservations with ease without necessarily using human interaction. Consequently, businesses have reduced costs in their operation and improved customer service delivery.

#5. Reliable travel technology

The idea behind improving travel conditions is to better customers’ experiences. Also, technology makes travelling much safer, reliable, and comfortable as clients can easily connect to their service provider. Also, you can check the insurance cover of the agency you choose to have to give you peace of mind as you travel around. Besides, during a tour with reliable Wi-Fi, clients can attend to their daily chores with ease. They can stream their best movies and games in the comfort of their rooms, thus improving their tour experience.

#6. Improved Digital marketing

Travelling companies that have adapted to new technologies use the power of the internet to do their marketing. As a result, their clients have a fast experience with their products and services on their website. Clients can also look at past reviews from the guest. They can also look at pictures captured on various destinations to see what they expect. Also, travel companies can communicate to their target market through blogs and social media and utilise online purchasing and online advertising.

#7. Ease networking

The use of computer systems allows companies to communicate with ease. That is why communication between larger travel agencies with multiple locations is more accessible. Also, the staff can offer similar services as it is easier to access information. That gives their client a similar experience. Besides, any guest request or reservation is easy to manage as the information is on one system.


Technology has impacted the travel industry tremendously. People now travel faster and safer thanks to technological advancements. Technology has helped improve communication, reliability, booking, staff service and ease of networking.

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