We celebrate important moments in our lives by meeting with our family and celebrating with our loved ones. The culmination of parties organized on the occasion of various family events is usually a cake. Its application is a solemn moment at weddings and birthday parties, communions, and baptisms.

No wonder then that we want this unique baking to emphasize the character of the ceremony, please the eyes, pamper the palate, and simply – be perfect. How to choose the most suitable one?

A birthday cake for a child

A birthday cake for the youngest is often a real work of art with an elaborate shape (cute ladybugs, teddy bears, or cars are just some of the children’s birthday wishes) or effectively decorated, for example, with a wafer with a photo of a birthday boy. When finishing children’s cakes, confectioners often use plastic icing, i.e., a flexible sugar mass that can be rolled and shaped like modeling clay.

 You can now even look for online birthday gifts delivery to surprise your loved ones. A cake decorated with icing looks impressive because the sugar mass allows for a perfectly smooth texture, and thanks to it, we can mask any imperfections of home baking. When deciding to finish the cake with plastic icing, remember that it is delightful, and not everyone can taste it.

Perhaps opt for a whipped cream finish instead of the icing along with a wafer with any selected fairy tale character or your photo. In this version, the cake is also lighter in weight, and therefore, when bought in a pastry shop, it will cost less than the cake decorated with plastic.

A birthday cake with any graphics or photo

A birthday cake with a whipped cream finish, for example, decorated with a wafer with a child’s picture or decorated with waffle decorations, will delight even the most demanding birthday person. If you had problems deciding what should be on the wafer, we would suggest that children most often choose their photo – after all, every birthday boy likes to be in the center of attention on his birthday.

 The boy would certainly like to see a superhero on his cake, soccer ball, or sports car. On the other hand, a cake for a girl is a place for a unicorn, a cute butterfly, or a favorite princess. Additionally, the sides of the cake decorated with white or dark chocolate balls are the most favorite cake decorations for children. There are many ideas, and your children have even more. Just ask them!

And what should be the perfect birthday cake for an adult?

A birthday cake should always be special. After all, everyone is waiting impatiently, regardless of age! It can be round or rectangular (the shape usually depends on the number of portions – for more guests, rectangular cakes are selected, for smaller ones – around, including small Chocolate Cakes ), but we can also choose a lovely heart-shaped cake.

You can decorate a birthday cake for a woman with fruit and cute flower-shaped waffle decorations. In the case of a cake for a man, plant motifs should be replaced with classic decoration, for example, with chocolate bark or cherries on rosettes.

What flavor should a birthday cake have?

When choosing the taste of a birthday cake for a child, it is worth considering the child’s preferences. Let’s choose a taste that the birthday boy knows and likes well. By experimenting with unfamiliar flavors, we can expose them to huge disappointment. It’s best to bet on a classic such as strawberry or chocolate flavor.

 A cake layered with whipped cream and decorated with fruit or a cream cake with cherries will also be a good choice. However, at children’s birthday parties, peanut and marzipan cakes layered with heavy buttery masses do not work well. Also, an intensely chocolate cake decorated with dark chocolate will be appreciated by adults rather than by children who do not necessarily like sophisticated flavors.

It is also worth finding out before ordering a cake if none of the little guests are on a gluten-free diet. And if it turns out that we have such a child on the list – order a gluten-free cake in one of three delicious flavors at our online bakery – strawberry, cocoa, and chocolate or cream.

Birthday cake – is it better to bake or buy?

Bake it some other day, but for special events, you can’t take the risk. It is wise to rely on someone that is a professional. We can only wish you good luck in perfecting precision and artistic craftsmanship. To those who do not feel up to their confectionery art, we suggest that you will find the answer to almost every birthday confectionery dream in our online bakery.


You can order a birthday cake and look out for unique gifts for a child and an adult in a traditional store or conveniently online and pick it up at our online bakery. When ordering, you decide on every detail – the shape and taste of the cake, decorations, and even how the sides will be decorated – whether it will remain smooth or decorated with chocolate icing.

All cakes at our online confectionery bakery are prepared using artisanal methods, based on proven recipes, using the highest quality ingredients. All this to make your cake as unique as the moment you are celebrating.