How to Back Into Your Windows When You Forgot Login Password

When we lost or forgot Windows login password, we need to reset Windows password without any files lost. You may think of that asking a PC expert for help. Many methods can be used for resetting Windows password, but most of them are time-consuming and need many technical works even an expert don’t want to waste so much time for this little problem. You can do this by yourself. Here is a simple method that can help you quickly back into a Windows system such as Windows 10 Just need to create a bootable USB for hacking and change your BIOS SETUP to boot from USB.

For instance, when you forgot Windows 10 password, use windows 10 activator to get full performance first, follow the steps:

Section 1. How to get a bootable USB which can be used for hacking? It is simple!

Download a password recovery tool and install it. Such as Windows Password Rescuer. This software can help you quickly create a hacking disk.

1. Insert a writable USB Pen Drive2. Select burn to USB and choose your Drive name from the pull-down list3. Click Burn button to start burning. This process will take about one minute4. After complete burning, take out your USB

Section 2: How to change BIOS SETUP of your computer?

This is an important work that you can quickly get into any computer if you can change any computer’s BIOS setting. Most of us always think that creating a BIOS password is the work of PC experts. However, that is not only their patent. Now your task is to change the boot order that you can boot the computer from USB.

Restart a computer and press ” BIOS Entry Key” immediately until the BIOS SETUP screen appears. Found the Boot menu or the Boot Device Priority that many machines have these options in BIOS SETUP table. Here are two examples.

Example 1: Award BIOS – Get into Advanced BIOS Features, and you can set up the first boot device.

Example 2: You can see there is an option of Boot Device Priority in the Boot menu. Press Enter to get into the opportunity then you can change the boot order of the computer.

We have collected some favorite BIOS SETUP examples: Boot the computer from USB.

Section 3: Hack Windows password by a few clicks.

Plug in your USB hacking disk to any computer and set it to boot from USB. For a moment you can see a friendly interface of Windows Password Rescuer. Now we trying to unlock Windows 10 password:

1. Click a user account from the list and click Reset Password. 2. Click Yes when a confirm message pops up, and the password will be removed.3. Click Reboot > eject your USB and click Yes when a dialog appears. After rebooting, you can log in Windows 7 without a password.

Resetting other Windows password(Windows 8/7/Vista/2008/2003/2000) is the same as this. Is it great?