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Driving a truck can be very dangerous, even riskier than driving a passenger car in some cases. In case of an emergency, trucks are harder to stop, mainly due to their heavy load. Around 5,000 deaths occur every year in the U.S. due to truck accidents.

Back in 2018, there were 36,560 vehicle accident-related deaths in the United States, with 187 of them happening in Georgia. While the number of car crashes was lower compared to previous years, the number of large truck accidents increased by 0.8%. Many injured individuals had to seek an Atlanta truck accident attorney to help them out.

But things are changing for the better thanks to technology. Nowadays, there are various mechanisms and apps that provide truck drivers with more safety while they are on the road – something that will surely lower that high accident rate.

How does technology improve truck safety, though?

Better Communication with Mobile Devices

Nowadays, most people have a mobile phone, with a large number of individuals owning smartphones. These devices are more useful than you think, and can even come in handy for truck drivers.

With a smartphone, truck drivers can keep in touch with their employers and other colleagues, and communicate any potential issues. Not only that, but the truck driver can also speak to their family members and friends. This leads to a positive mindset that will make them more motivated to complete a trip successfully. Further, this will improve their focus on the road.

Systems that Prevent Collisions

The massive size of commercial trucks is dangerous for both truck drivers and other road participants. So, the industry has worked to develop a collision prevention system. While some of the features were more common in passenger vehicles, they are also becoming the norm in large commercial trucks.

There are blind spot systems that alert the driver when there are any obstacles or pedestrians in blind spots. This helps prevent accidents. On top of that, there are lane departure warning systems that let the driver know when he or she is veering out of their lane. This way, truckers can always stay in the right lane and not endanger themselves or others.

Advanced Video Technology

Video technology is getting better in the truck industry.

When you operate such a large vehicle, it can be hard to see every corner. So, on top of systems that alert you in case of an obstacle, you could also have a camera in place to show you what is behind the truck. It’ll give you more control over blind spots. What’s cool is that you can even find shock-resistant and weather-proof cameras. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Another thing that you can take advantage of is dash cams. If you ever find yourself in a tough spot and you need to prove your innocence against someone who sues you, dash cam recordings can help. They will save you and your career as they always record the accident from the perspective of the driver.

Electronic Stability Control

You may not always be aware of your truck’s issues. Problems with the components of the vehicle or even the driver’s activity can be alerted through ESC.

For instance, this system can find vehicular defects or can even take action when the driver shows signs of drowsiness. The ESC analyzes the activity of the steering wheel and the movement of the tires. When loss of traction or slippage is detected, the ESC will lower the truck’s engine power or even reduce the speed.

Driver Alert Systems

Too many truck drivers are on the road for ages, taking little to no time to rest. This can significantly increase the risk of accidents. Truckers are only allowed to drive for 11 hours at a time according to federal regulations. But not all employers respect these rules. In this case, alert systems can be used to detect when a driver is tired and needs to rest. These will warn them.

Similar to ESC, this system will analyze the driver’s behavior over time and will recognize signs of drowsiness.

Final Thoughts

Technology is shifting the truck industry by providing new systems and devices that improve truck safety. Video cameras can be used for monitoring blind spots or recording the road in front of the truck. On top of that, driver alert systems and electronic stability control can detect driver drowsiness and send alerts or slow down the vehicle, preventing accidents. Being a trucker will be less risky thanks to these tech advancements.

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