How is the Arc Lighter Different from a Traditional Lighter?

The difference between a regular lighter and an Arc Lighter is that the Arc Lighter is 100% flameless lighter, rechargeable and windproof.

The Arc Lighter contains a Lithium-ion battery that is UN 38.3 Certified to create a high intensity electric arc.

Disposable lighters cost a lot of money over time. Refillable lighters can be messy and both can harm the environment.

Arc Lighters are Eco-friendly, convenient and easy to use.

benefit; there is no butane taste transfer or smell of butane when you use the lighter.

What does an Arc Lighter ignite?

BBQ lighters and cigarette lighters can be used to light a variety of different items.

The Arc Lighter can be used to light essentially anything a regular lighter can ignite. 

The key is to place the material across the arc to ignite it.

The BBQ lighter style is preferred when lighting candles, incense, mosquito coils, natural gas, propane stoves, welding equipment, pilot lights, and fireworks  The BBQ lighter can lite cigarettes, cigars and pipes however there is an assortment of standard lighters to light cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

How many times can you light an arc lighter? 

Arc Lighters can ignite approximately 100 times on a single charge depending on the capacity of the lighter.  

You can recharge the battery about 100 – 150 times

How do you recharge an Arc Lighter?

All lighters are manufactured with a USB port and all of our lighters come with a USB cable.

Connect the enclosed Micro USB cable to the Arc Lighter charger and plug into any powered USB port which has a DC 5V±0.5V output voltage and output current below 3000mA.  The lighter can be recharged within 2 hours. DO NOT over charge the lighter.

You can recharge the battery about 100 – 150 times. To extend the life of a lithium Ion battery do not drain the battery.

It is best to keep it above 50% charged. This should apply to all your USB devices.  

NEVER keep your arc lighter, cell phone, iPad, laptop, any USB device charged overnight for safety reasons. You do not want to over charge your devices. Overcharging a device may cause overheating. 

Are there any safety features on the Arc Lighter?

Every Arc Lighter is unique. The BBQ Arc Lighters come with a safety lock. The BBQ lighter does not turn on without sliding the switch to the on position. All lighters are equipped with an automatic cut off after 9 seconds of ignition to protect the lighter from overheating. 

​This is not a toy and must be treated responsibly to avoid injury. Please keep away from children.