Hashtag Weekend for Saturday, July 16, 2022 – Data analytics in policing and what we can learn. Interview with Greg Stanisci


Saturday July 16th

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I’m Jim Love, CIO of ITWC,  publishers or IT World Canada and Canadian CIO

We might think we know all about data and analytics and how it affects police work.  We’ve all seen it on movies and TV.  The huge screens, the instantaneous data, the way they can find anything in seconds and reach brilliant conclusions – as technology professionals, we treat these things for what they are – entertainment. 

In reality, the work that police are doing on analytics looks a lot more like what we, as analytics and IT professionals do, or are trying to do. And it turns out, we CAN learn a lot from what is happening in policing and data analytics. 

My guest on Hashtag Weekend is Greg Stanisci, Manager of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics  with the York Regional police. 

York Region is just north of Toronto, Canada  and is home to 1.2 million people in 9 cities.  It covers a space of 1,758 square kilometers or 678 square miles. It’s also home to some really advanced ideas in how to use analytics in police work.

Greg and I talked about the challenges he had faced and the successes the had in developing what has become a showcase for analytics in the field. We talk about how he developed the business case and some of his ideas in democratization of data analytics.

As promised in these are a couple of the links we referred to in the podcast.  

This is a link to a story we did on York Region Policing and their data analytics program:


This is a link to the York Region’s Community Safety Portal where you can see the visual analytics that Greg has talked about: 


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