Hands-on: HP Elite Dragonfly, the first laptop with an integrated Tile tracker

It feels like an eternity since I left my apartment for any reason at all, much less for a business trip or a meeting. Still, I recall the icy stab of fear when I thought I’d left my laptop bag behind on a subway car, or the time I almost forgot it after clearing security at a busy airport terminal.

That’s why I’m so bullish on a new version of HP’s Elite Dragonfly laptop that features an integrated Tile tracker, perfect for those of us who never, ever want that panicky feeling again.

Tile is a tracking system that involves attaching Bluetooth-enabled Tile tracking modules to anything you don’t want to lose: keys, a wallet, your phone, you name it. The mobile Tile app lets you keep an eye on your Tile-tracked wares. If, for instance, your sofa eats your keys, tap a button on the Tile app to make the Tile module on your keyring emit a loud chime. If you’ve left your keys at a store and the Tile module is out of Bluetooth range, you can still track its last known location and even enlist the help of fellow Tile users to help find it.

Laptops have also been popular items for tracking with Tile modules. But there’s been no easy way to attach a Tile to a laptop—you might tape it clumsily to the outer lid, for instance. 

tile ios app Ben Patterson/IDG

The Tile app lets you track valuables, such as the Tile-equipped HP Elite Dragonfly.

The Tile-equipped HP Elite Dragonfly that I tested (a $2,179 model with an 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8665U processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 13.3-inch “Sure View” privacy display, although several other Tile-enabled configurations are available) integrates the tracker module inside the laptop itself—specifically, in an unused M.2 expansion slot. (The Tile module, therefore, prevents you from using that M.2 slot for any upgrades, such as adding an SSD.) 

The HP Elite Dragonfly may be the first laptop to come with an embedded Tile tracker, but it almost certainly won’t be the last: Tile and Intel recently announced that they’ve teamed up to bring Tile tracking technology to future Intel-powered laptops.


Getting up and running with your new Tile-enabled HP Elite Dragonfly is simple. If you don’t already have a Tile account, you can create one by installing the Tile app for iOS or Android, or you can get started directly on the pre-installed Tile app for Windows.

tile desktop app Ben Patterson/IDG

You can activate the Tile module embedded in the HP Elite Dragonfly using the Windows version of the Tile app (pictured above).

Once you’ve set up your Tile account and you’re signed in to the Elite Dragonfly’s Tile app, you just press Shift + F11. After playing a short audio chime, the Elite Dragonfly’s embedded Tile module will activate itself and appear on the Tile interface as a tracked item.

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