Georgia Tech students create 4.2 mile-long hopscotch


The course, which runs through the university’s Atlanta campus and spans 4.2 miles, was drawn up by members of a first-year leadership organization called See(k) (D)iscomfort, or SEED. The group helps members develop their leadership skills through unique experiences that challenge their perceived limitations.

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They created the massive game by dipping handmade square-shaped wooden stamps into a solution of cornstarch and water and stamping the pavement.

“We wanted to do something that wholly immersed our students in our campus and we figured that meant that it needed to be outside and it needed to be hands-on and we ended up landing on hopscotch,” SEED member Ashleigh Henning said in a video accompanying a news release.
The group hopes the miles-long course is large enough to set a new Guinness World Record. The current record holder for the longest hopscotch game is held by Legwork for Lungs, a non-profit group in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. They created and played a 4-mile long hopscotch in 2019.

“To be able to qualify as a world record holder in Guinness’s eyes, we need to hop it,” Henning said. Due to the difficulty of the course, many of the students who completed it are distance runners or elite athletes.

The feat was filmed and submitted to Guinness for verification.

Guinness confirmed to CNN that it has received an application from the student group for the title. However, it could take weeks to confirm.


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