FuboTV has a cheaper live TV alternative—if cord-cutters can find it

For this week’s column, we spent $65 on FuboTV, so you don’t exactly have to.

With Hulu + Live TV set to raise prices from $55 per month to $65 on Friday, I wanted to revisit FuboTV as a potentially cheaper alternative. The service offers a similar mix of cable channels, including local news, national sports, and a broad range of entertainment channels, but it has a starting price of $60 per month. That undercuts both Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV by $5 per month.

Fubo doesn’t make the extra savings easy to get, though. The $60-per-month option is buried behind multiple menu layers, and if you’re already a subscriber, there’s no clear way to switch without calling customer service. It’s almost as if Fubo doesn’t want you to sign up for its cheapest plan, which makes you wonder why the company bothers to offer it.

How to find Fubo’s hidden “Standard” plan

With FuboTV’s $65-per-month “Family” plan, you get 250 hours of cloud DVR storage and can stream on up to three devices at the same time. The $60-per-month plan, called “Standard,” offers 30 hours of DVR storage and can stream on two devices at a time.

Both plans have the same channel lineup, so if you don’t need a lot of DVR storage and don’t have a family full of cable-channel viewers, there’s no need to spend the extra $5 per month.

Here are the steps for finding FuboTV’s $60-per-month “Standard” plan as a new subscriber:

  • Head to the Fubo website, then scroll down and click the “Browse all available plans” button.
  • Select the “Add-ons & More” tab from the next page, then scroll to the very bottom of the page.
  • Click on the text that says “fubo Standard.” (While it doesn’t look selectable you can indeed click on it to choose that plan.)
fubotvstandardarrow Jared Newman / IDG

FuboTV’s Standard plan is buried at the bottom of a page that takes a few clicks to find, and it doesn’t even look selectable (we added the arrow, of course).

In fairness, you can also just click this link to head straight to the Standard sign-up page, but Fubo doesn’t make that direct link available anywhere else on its site.

Current subscribers get stuck paying more

Things get thornier if you’re already a FuboTV subscriber. Over the summer, Fubo automatically moved all its Standard plan customers onto the pricier Family package, while also raising prices by $5 per month across the board. The result, effectively, was a $10-per-month price hike on existing subscribers with no easy way to opt out.

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