Custom Web Design – Tips For Hiring a Custom Web Designer

If you are preparing to have a custom website built then the web designer that you choose to work with on the project is critical to the success of the finished product. You literally have the choice of any web designer in the world, able to work with anyone you choose through email, phone calls and direct meetings. But, what should you consider before appointing a web designer? Read more about profesional web designer here LinkHelpers Inc.

Their own search engine rankings – If you want your finished website appearing on the search engine listings then a good indication of whether a web designer can do this is if they themselves appear on search engine listings. So try searching for local web designers and see who crops up.

Is there a good portfolio? Does the portfolio link to websites (some hopefully with the designer’s name at the bottom) or is it just a few screen prints of websites that might no longer exist? Does the website sell them to you? If not, it might mean that your website won’t sell to your customers.

Read testimonials – An established web designer will have plenty of satisfied customers and should have asked for a few testimonials. Hopefully these are on display on the website, linking to the websites that they relate to so that you can check they are genuine.

What is the size of your project? – For a small brochure website or an online shop, then a small company or freelance designer can probably handle the project with a lot less overheads. For a very graphic orientated website you might need to work with more of a graphic designer, or a web designer able to work with or as one. But if you want a highly complicated website with lots of complicated features then you might need instead to employ the services of a larger company with the resources to allocate you a few designers.

Who hosts the site? – Some designers build the website and then give you the code to host and maintain. Others refuse to let you see the code, maintaining the full copyright of the code forever. How involved do you want to be in the future with the website?

Do they warranty the work? – Whilst there are designers that offer to fix any errors that are discovered in the first three months, others, like myself, prefer to offer a lifetime cover offering to fix any problems that arise for as long as a customer remains a customer. For all but the simplest of websites, errors could take months to come to the surface.

Does the web designer seem friendly and accommodating? – If you need changes do they seem the sort of person that will be helpful, or just demand lots of extra cash? Are they going to be there to support your website in the future?

There are lots more questions you could, and probably should, be asking. But these are a good starting point!