cPanel Hosting – Powerful cPanel for Web Hosting Management

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cPanel is a graphical control panel used in web hosting to ease the administering and hosting part of a website easily. It is used on Linux hosting servers and for all levels of hosting, right from the server administrator to the end-user. The best part about the cPanel is that it is loaded with lots of beneficial features and tools that are customizable without any problems. All hosting companies modify their version of cPanel to fulfill the needs of their particular client. Therefore, some companies may offer web disk with their services, and others might not.


At Hosting Raja, the cPanel Hosting on Linux Shared Servers is very stable and secure. To fulfill the different requirements of our clients we have offer pre-customized shared hosting plans at very low prices together with priceless after-sales service. If you want a higher-end modified hosting plan, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you with that.


cPanel Hosting India


Hosting Raja believes that services like web hosting should be speedy, dependable, easy and inexpensive. Our Linux shared hosting packages are bundled with a user-friendly control panel ‘cPanel’. The cPanel is the best available control panel, allowing users to control their websites, emails, FTP, databases, and visitors install popular software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, eCommerce Shopping Cart website and much more.


cPanel hosting accounts come with industry-leading features:


  • Upload and administer web pages easily in cPanel’s File Manager.

  • Utilize cPanel’s Web Disk feature to drag and drop files into the customer’s account.

  • Usual file transfer methods like FTP, SFTP, and FTPS, etc.

  • Create extra FTP accounts for other users with detailed access rights.


The cPanel hosting India plans at Hosting Raja is just right to host personal and small business websites. The cPanel website hosting plans  from us permit you to host several domains with a single account. If you are confused about the particular cPanel hosting package for your site or have queries related to our inexpensive cPanel hosting packages, then please contact us now and our experts will help you with everything.


Easy and Affordable cPanel Hosting


Get web hosting with the leading hosting control panels – the cPanel. It is a user-friendly control panel that helps a newbie for administrating the hosting services for their website. Get cPanel web hosting to efficiently control your shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers with easy to use control panel interface.

Take advantage of the best cPanel hosting features and functions, powerful servers, 24×7 customer service, 99.9% uptime, secured servers and much more.


Speedy Technical Support from the same time zone


We understand the technical difficulties faced by our clients and, we know the suitable resolution also. It is frustrating when you wait for getting support, particularly with important queries. We always make sure that the query reply time should not go beyond 30 minutes. Just submit a ticket and leave the rest to us.


Moreover, it is a big problem when you have to make late-night international calls regarding your hosting service issues to get the resolution. With hosting in India, we provide you the best customer support in the day when it is most needed by your business.