Chevrolet V8 ZZ632 ‘Crate’ 1000 Hp engine, presentation starts – Features & Tech


Dedicated, and not just on the facade, in the transformation of its range and industry to a 100% electric version, General Motor is not disappointed to see its benefits increase with solutions that are far from Zero Emisson’s reputation. its latest designs and which instead meet the demands (and purchase orders) of regular customers.
After submitting in Say the updated version of its main engine Chevrolet V8 ZZ632 ‘Crate’ – that is, a series that is delivered in a wooden crate (hence the name) to processors and manufacturers of race cars – GM through its Chevrolet Performance unit began sales and delivery of this petrol ‘monster’ which, with a transfer of 632 cubic inches (i.e. 10.348 liters), offers 1004 hp beauty without turbo or electric boosters.
So, it does not matter if the technology comes from the ‘big block’ V8, which is very important for fans of special cars, dragsters and other vehicles used in the quarter-mile acceleration race. For every donation to the GM treasury, a whopping $ 38,000 comes in and this cash flow – it must always be remembered – is basically what allows us to advertise and invest billions in electric vehicles.


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