Best Laptop for Working From Home in 2021

A lot has changed since March 2020. While the coronavirus swept across the globe, Work From Home changed the way many millions of people work. Office spaces, once a hive of activity, are now empty spaces of ringing telephones and lonely desks.

Many have created home offices. An essential element of a home office is a laptop. Looking at the array of brands, types, models, and their different uses makes anyone feel overwhelmed.

A laptop to be used for Work From Home situations needs to be a jack of all trades: it needs to handle the burden of your daily workload, connect seamlessly with your office’s systems, link up with a printer and other tools, and of course be able to stream a movie or TV show after hours.

Browsing electronic stores reviews brings many advantages: you’ll read first-hand experiences of people that have actually bought those products, learn what to look for and what not to bother with in choosing a new laptop, and you’ll find which outlets offer the best customer service. Refer to UKCollectedReviews to gain insight before you spend your hard-earned money.

1) Processing Power:
You may or may not be familiar with computers, but you needn’t be an IT manager to buy a great laptop. The most important aspect of a laptop computer is its processing power. That is taken care of by the CPU (Core Processing Unit). The faster and more powerful the CPU, the more tasks it can perform and more applications you can run to complete your jobs. There are two main CPU manufacturers: Intel and AMD. Both offer excellent products and choosing between the two is usually down to personal choice. Search for one offers the latest technology; after all, Windows and other work systems are growing larger and more complex and you don’t want to replace your laptop in the near future.

2) Memory:
Nearly as important as the CPU is a laptop’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Memory allows the computer to run the applications and functions in real-time. The more RAM memory, the greater the number of applications you can use. You must search for a laptop with 8GB RAM or more. The Windows operating system uses a large chunk of that, and then applications such as Outlook, browsers, music app, and your company’s CMS also need to run and those draw yet more memory reserves.

3) Screen Size:
The size of a laptop’s display isn’t too important. The size of the laptop is more so. However, the larger the screen size, the larger the laptop. You don’t want to be working on a laptop’s keyboard that is smaller than 13” for 8 or more hours every day. A comfortable size is 15.6” and larger. These also incorporate the numerical keys on the keyboard which you’ll be using a great deal. The screen’s quality is key: get the latest technology screen that offers crisp and clear vision and images. Of course, it will make playing Solitaire all the more fun.