5 cool cases for PC temperature control

4. Phanteks Eclipse P360A

People love the NZXT H510 for its clean lines and minimalist vibe, but for anyone who wants less of a severe, boxy look, the Phanteks P360A adds a few angles for more visual interest—while providing far better airflow and a lower price.

This is our pick for an affordable compact mid-tower case. It still has a clean, understated look, and its layout makes building in it straightforward. It also makes RGB affordable for anyone hoping to bathe their components in the glow of colored lights. Two 120mm DRGB (Phanteks’ name for addressable RGB) fans are included, along with a control button incorporated into the case.

Phanteks Eclipse P360A in white with RGB components lit up


Choosing between this case and the Corsair 4000D Airflow is more about size of the components you plan to install. For 360mm radiators, you’ll want the Corsair model—but if you’re not planning to use one larger than 240mm or 280mm, need a little more room for 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives, or want RGB included, this is the case to get. It’s actually slimmer than the 4000D Airflow as well, so it works better on cramped desks.

Vertical GPU mounting is supported, but does require a separate, optional bracket. It can accommodate three-slot GPUs, however, whereas the 4000D Airflow’s included brackets cap out a two.

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